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You might be looking for storage facilities for any number of reasons

Our customers can range from painters / builders who need to move the furniture out to make space to work or even a member of the public who needs some extra space to clear out the clutter and make a family home.

No matter the reason, you can count on us to help. We can store a single item or your entire house or business contents for a few weeks, months or even years.

At House to Home Removals, we aim to please, triviality is our speciality, we know the small things that count, we always go beyond the call of duty and provide a reliable and professional service to all our clients. For years we’ve been providing storage to our clients, and recently we’ve very proud to announce the launch of our new storage facility in Ilkeston. Something we can offer to all our customers.

Storage For Any Amount

Secure And Accessible Storage

If you’re considering getting a storage facility, it’s very important to also think about how your things can reach their destination. With House To Home Removals, we can provide you various options that will answer these needs. You can choose to just store your things or have it delivered to your desired address without any hassle.

On top of our storage facilities, we also offer a removals service and packaging materials to cater for all kinds of moves.


Safe and Secure

Why Partner With Us, Here Are A Few Of The Many Benefits.

Since we can do the removal, handling and storing of your things, it’s a lot more of a cheaper option than looking for a removal company and a storage facility.

Less room for human error

With other removals and storage companies, the materials are handled 4 times.

[1] Out of your property into the vehicle
[2] Out of the vehicle into the storage
[3] Out of the storage into the vehicle
[4] Out of the vehicle into your new property.

With us, your things will only be handled 2 times, removing the possibilities of damage to your things.

[1] Out of your property into the storage
[2] Out of the storage into your new property. We forklift all of our storage containers on and off the vehicle.

All things will be covered and protected with our packaging materials.

No need for you to look for extra papers and clothes to wrap your delicate and breakable things. We provide bubble wrap and boxes to ensure your things are safe with us during and after moving.

100% Liability of your things from the removal, moving and storing.

No need to take out additional insurance of your things when doing business with us. It’s all-in-one package.

If you wish to store your things with another company, we will release the liability when your things reach their destination. If for some reason, there’s a problem during the process and damages were done to your things, it will be difficult to prove who will be responsible for the damage.

storage containers

Packaging Provided

Safe Storage Solutions From House To Home Remvoals

House To Home Removals have been in the business for many years. And with our skills and vast experience, you can rest assured that your things will be taken care of in a professional and successful way. We have developed certain strategies and techniques that have helped us do our job efficiently for you.

If you are looking for storage facilities, we are here to help. We can setup a time convenient for you for our professionals to do a proper, no-strings attached quotation. We cover the whole of Derby and Nottingham including surrounding areas.

We can also offer secure overnight parking for HGV vehicles that have either delivered or collected at our premises.

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